دوشنبه 25 آذر‌ماه سال 1387
*تو مرا غافل از اندیشه فردا کردی....

and life looks surprisingly (!!!) bad and ugly and disappointing to me
i need  to love and helps that life looks wonderful to me

after  that, nothing really excites u

or makes u happy

the worst part of it
is that nobody can do nothing

i didnt like it
i did want it to end
but i cant move on

cant get over it

i feel like my life is pused
i do nothing useful in my life
im wasting my youth

made me useless
i dont remmeber about my goals befor it

i didnt know how much i was busy with it

and i was doing nothing

now that it is not there anymore
i figured out

what a time i have waisted
and i have no goals right now anymore
i dont rememebr what i was befor it
and what i wanted to be

im lost

i need to find myself..there is something that i have to do...but what? i dunno

*آهنگ «فریب-deceit» از حامد نیک پی رو گوش کنید !

ملقب به عسل
می نی مالیده
قصه های عامه پسند
forgotten shadow
آدم نصفه نیمه
ما مهره نیستیم
گیس گلاب
!من که آبی نبودم